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Simply fill in the total coverage width. Ripple fold panel width will be calculated and constructed with fullness built-in. You can choose to include ripple fold tracks, by default, the track is in the white finish. More info on the track and installation. 

All orders are custom made: We guarantee the best prices on custom curtains by sourcing fabrics directly from manufacturers. The way our custom order works is that you select all the configurations and we calculate the dollar amounts. 

Tracks: Tracks longer than 84" in length will be spliced for FedEx shipping. If you prefer the tracks not be spliced, please email us at for additional freight charge.

Turn-around time: Please allow 2-4 weeks for the item to ship out. For current lead time please check here. Free 2-5 days shipping on all orders.

Questions: Email us at if there are any questions on the orders.

Material Light blocking Weight Character
Polyester Diffuse light Light NFPA-701 certified fire retardant, open weaved, soft, breezy
100% Belgian linen Diffuse light Light Linen weave, soft, beach
Polyester Diffuse light Light Tightly weaved, minimal, coastal
100% Belgian linen 25% Medium Natural weave, easy care, smooth finish, beach
Linen blend 30%-35% Medium Linen weaved, textured, elegant, rustic
Cotton blend 40% Medium Cross weaved, modern, sleek
Polyester 40%-70% Medium Ultra soft, satin finish, Parisian, luxury, classic
Nylon blend 30%-40% Medium Short pile knitted, soft, cozy 
Polyester 40% Medium Luminous silky finish, Parisian, eclectic
Polyester 30%-50% Medium Waffle texture, calming, easy care, soft and cozy
100% Belgian linen 30% Medium Ultra soft laundered linen, Textured linen weave
Cotton blend 40%-70% Heavy Ultra-soft velvet, traditional, rich color, elegant
Polyester 90% blackout Medium Smooth finish, sleek, versatile
Polyester 90% blackout Medium Basket weaved, textured finish
Polyester 100% blackout Medium Tightly weaved, matte, minimal, functional
Linen blend 40% Heavy Floral embroidered, eclectic, Moroccan, tropical
Polyester 40% Medium Floral embroidered, elegant, traditional
Polyester 60% Medium Feather pattern, jacquard, elegant, nature, traditional
Polyester 40% Medium Herringbone pattern, geometric, elegant, playful
Viscose blend 40% Medium Jacquard weave, geometric

All our fabrics 
comply with OEKO-tex 100 standard. They do not contain any harmful substances and are in harmony with the environment.


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