How to order custom curtains (step by step)

Ordering custom made curtains can be an intimidating experience, but don’t be afraid, we are here to help! 

A good way to start is by finding inspiration photos. Head over to our ‘Photo Gallery’and take a look at the different styles and get inspired. Think about what will complement your space, in combination with your furniture, wall colors. 

Once you have a sense of the look you want, we're now ready to guide you through the process in four easy steps!

1. Choose your Heading Style

Here, you can visually go through selecting a heading style that fits your needs, as well as our recommendations for the best hardware choice and the fullness to go with the heading style of your choice. You can find more information on heading styles in the complete heading style guide 

Ripplefold, Stark - TaupeRipplefold, Stark - Taupe

Inverted box pleat, Nest - Cotton WhiteInverted box pleat, Nest - Cotton White

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen Tailored Pleat - Double, Spa - White

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen Tailored Pleat - Triple, Grace - Soft White, Front (left), Back (right)

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen French Pleat - Double, Lush - Soft Sand (left), Luster - White (right)

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen French Pleat - Triple, Flow - White

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen Grommet, Flow White (left), Valencia - Subtle Gray (right)

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen Rod Pocket - Tape, Flow - White, Front (left), Back (right)

French Pleat - Double, Spa - White, Belgian Linen Rod Pocket - Fold Over, Breeze - White, 2x fullness (left), 1.5x fullness (right)


2. Take the measurement

Before you start taking the measurement, here are a few things to consider. 

  • How many panels would you like to cover the window? 
  • Do you like the curtains to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted? 
  • Do you like the curtains puddle or kiss the floor? 
  • Do you want to extend the rod so the curtains won’t be covering the window when fully open? 

    Our detailed measuring guide will direct you through the different styles and options to make sure that you measure for that perfect, custom fit! 


    3. Pick your fabric

    Think about colors, materials and how much light you’d like to let through. Do you need the curtains to provide privacy or blackout? Would you like the curtains to be the focal point or understated? 

    We offer ‘Free Swatches’ so you can see our fabrics in your own home and decide which materials and colors will work the best for your space. For a quick overview on our fabric information, simply scroll down to the More Fabric Information table.

    For 100% blackout curtains, you can either choose our 100% blackout fabric collection - Solid or Stark, or you can add 100% blackout lining to any of our fabric in the ordering page. 


    how to order free fabric swatches online loft curtains


    4. The final step! putting in your order. 

    You will get instant pricing by simply putting in your measurements, chosen fabric, color, heading, lining and number of panels. Keep in mind that Grommet and Rod Pocket - Tape or Fold Over are the only styles that don’t have fullness built in, so for these two heading styles, you will need to multiply your coverage/rod width1.5-2.5 to create the fullness you desire.

    Visit our FAQs page for the current lead time:

     A custom order example 
    how to put in measurement select style in the order page loft curtains


    Additional information on custom curtains

    Which hardware will work best for you and the ones that we sell:

    Frequently asked questions:

    Stackback calculator:

    How to determine fullness:

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at support@loftcurtains, book a phone consultation or an in-person visit to our Beverly Hills office: Contact Us



    Verified Customer Reviews

    Wanted to say thankyou for your support in choosing the right curtains for our sliding doors. The free swatches sent were very helpful, as is your website and customer service. We are very happy with our curtains and the 90% block lining works great.
    Bryan H.
    We have a south facing window. It’s hot and bright in the summer. We wanted something a little heavier in fabric selection because we live on a busy street heading into town to cut down on traffic noise.The fabric is soft and offers insulation. They lay beautifully across our big window while closed. When tucked back they disappear while stacked neatly into the wall. It’s everything we were looking for. We paired it with a Kirsch Designer Estate Motorized rod. I was apprehensive and Justin answered all the questions I had making it easier to understand how the curtains would work on my rod and with fabrics. Delivered in less than 2 weeks! They were packed properly and ready to hang. I grew up with my mom in the flooring industry. I’ve always wanted a home that had designer features without having a Hollywood budget I didn’t think it was possible to get that look until I found Loft Curtains! Woohoo! In the day, night and before photos included.
    Erica B.
    The whole experience exceeded expectations. The final product is of excellent quality,the curtain weighs 31 lbs!.
    Thomas E.
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