Loft Curtains lining options

We offer three types of lining options. More options may be available upon request. 

The finished lining length is roughly 1.25" shorter than the finished length of the drapery panel as it is the industry standard. By default, linings are sewn on the top, left and right side of the panel. If you have specific needs, please let us know.

- Privacy Lining -

Made of polyester, our privacy lining comes in white or ivory color and adds a little of body and sun protection to the drapery. Privacy lining is highly recommended for 100% linen and cotton drapes. 


- 90% Blackout Lining -

Our 90% blackout lining has a soft satin finish and it provides a similar color finish to the front curtain fabric. It can be used for room darkening, light blocking, and temperature and sound control.  


- 100% Blackout Lining -

100% blackout lining has a 3-pass coating and only comes in white finish. We chose a premium softer version of the blackout lining on the market. Our blackout fabrics also help with insulation and have noise-damping qualities.


The privacy lining and 90% blackout lining fabrics can be machine wash cold, but the 100% blackout lining is dry clean only. None of the fabrics can be tumble dried.

If you prefer a hotel pitch black in the morning feel, you should choose the 100% blackout, however, if you don't mind very little light that lets you know it's morning, you should choose the 90% blackout option.

Both our Mood and Block collection fabrics are 90% blackout without any lining, but if you would like to make them 100% blackout you can choose to add the 100% blackout lining.

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We ordered curtains for our Lutron track. Good customer support.
Daniel M.
The curtains we received from Loft Curtains are excellent quality.
Danielle R.
Overall the process was care free and very supportive. As others have commented, Justin's customer service skills are fantastic and we felt that he truly cared that we had a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!
Carl H.
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