Loft Curtains lining options

We offer three types of lining options. More options may be available upon request. 

- Privacy Lining -

Made of cotton and polyester blend, our privacy lining is an ivory color fabric that adds a little of body and sun protection to the drapery. Privacy lining is highly recommended for 100% linen and cotton drapes. 


- 90% Blackout Lining -

Our 90% blackout lining has a soft satin finish and it provides a similar color finish to the front curtain fabric. It can be used for room darkening, light blocking, and temperature and sound control.  


- 100% Blackout Lining -

100% blackout lining has a 3-pass coating and only comes in white finish. We chose a premium softer version of the blackout lining on the market. Our blackout fabrics also help with insulation and have noise-damping qualities.


The privacy lining and 90% blackout lining fabrics can be machine wash cold, but the 100% blackout lining is dry clean only. None of the fabrics can be tumble dried.

If you prefer a hotel pitch black in the morning feel, you should choose the 100% blackout, however, if you don't mind very little light that lets you know it's morning, you should choose the 90% blackout option.

Both our Mood and Block collection fabrics are 90% blackout without any lining, but if you would like to make them 100% blackout you can choose to add the 100% blackout lining.

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