Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Price Guarantee?

We take pride in never having to offer discounts because of our lowest price guarantee, not even on Black Fridays. That's why instead of raising the price and giving out discounts we want to have our customers receive the savings up front. Because we are direct from the manufacturer here in Los Angeles, we are able to beat or match any price, including their valid discounts, for custom curtains if they meet the following conditions:

1) Custom made in the US

2) Similar grade/quality of fabrics 

3) Same heading style, amount of fabrics used, width, height, and quantity ordered.

4) Price comparison includes shipping, handling and taxes (we don't charge shipping fee for 48 states and no sales tax outside of California).


What is your current turnaround time?

Current turnaround time is  between 10 - 15 Business Days (2 - 3 Weeks) for both curtains and tracks to be ready for shipping. For free shipping we use FedEx Ground or USPS Priority, which takes 2-7 days depending on distance from Los Angeles.

You can pay for expedited shipping and/or upon availability of the fabric/color and our current schedule, a rush order for a 30% fee. If you need to have the curtains by a certain date please let us know by emailing us at and we will try our best to accommodate with the least amount of extra fees.

(Updated on 03/2024)


How can I get pricing for custom curtains?

We price our custom curtains reasonably, usually 30-50% lower than traditional retailer. Check out our custom order page and you will get instant pricing. We also have a how to order step by step guide to help navigate: how to order blog.


How much is shipping? 

We offer free shipping via UPS or USPS to 48 state in US. $69 - $299 for Hawaii and Alaska depending on weight. $199 - $899 for rest of the World.


Can I see the fabrics in person?

Even though we have an office in Los Angeles, it is where our software engineers and designers work, so we can not have visitors stop by. We offer Free swatches. No payment required. Swatches will be shipped either the same or next business day using USPS First Class Mail, expedited shipping options are available at checkout.


Are your fabrics environmental friendly?

We source our fabrics directly from the manufacturer. All our fabrics comply with OEKO-tex standard 100. They do not contain any harmful substances and are in harmony with the environment.


I am not familiar with custom curtains, can you assist me with measurement and design?

Sure! Email us at and we will get back to you within 12 hours. For immediate assistance, check out our curtain design guidelines, where you can find answers on how to measure curtains, how to pick fabrics and colors etc. You can also text/call us at (323) 552-9980 every day from 9 am to 6 pm PST.


Do you sell curtains rods/tracks? 

As of now, there is only the option to purchase tracks for the Ripplefold heading style curtains in our Ripplefold ordering page, we also have a guide to help you find the right hardware for all types of heading style. 


Do I need to iron the curtains after receiving them?

We iron all the curtains before we pack them into a box, however, certain fabrics such as Antwerp, Solid, and Mist are more prone to wrinkles during the packing and shipping process.

All the pleated heading style curtains will be packed fan-folded for easy and neat transportation and installation. We suggest you hang them up after receiving them and use a portable steamer to steam it if necessary, such as this one Conair Turbo Extremesteam.

If you would like to use an iron, please set the temperature to low to avoid leaving marks on the curtains. 


I would like to have extra large drapes, what is the maximum size that you can make?

There is no limit. Our standard fabric lots are 110 inches wide, some are 54 inches wide. We can join fabrics to make any size you want. For more details on our fabrics, click here.


Are the curtains lined by default? 

We do not line the panels by default, you can add lining options in the Custom Order and Ripple Fold pages, by default linings are sewn on the top, left and right side of the panel but we can customize it to your preferences. The finished lining length is roughly 1.25" shorter than the finished length of the drapery panel as it is the industry standard. If you have specific requirements, please contact us.