How to Order Blackout Curtains for A Serene Nursery?

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Any expectant parent will tell you that designing a nursery is an exciting and special occasion. One of the most crucial elements for you to consider is your choice of drapery. Not only does drapery enhance the overall aesthetic of your nursery, but it also plays an essential role in creating a more restful and comfortable environment for your new little one. In this guide, we'll explore the best methods for choosing drapery that balances functionality, style and safety.

The Importance of Well-Selected Drapery in a Nursery

Drapery can set the tone for the nursery's overall decor and aesthetics. It’s important to choose colors and patterns that will resonate with the theme that you’ve envisioned.
Light Control: Controlling light exposure is the key to helping your baby get proper rest and this is where the importance of blackout curtains comes into play.
Temperature & Sound Regulation: A lesser known benefit of choosing the proper drapery is that it can help maintain a comfortable temperature in the nursery - shielding it from both harsh sunlight and drafts.Correctly chosen drapery can also help to absorb sound, therefore creating a more serene atmosphere that will promote relaxation and sleep. 
The best option for ultimate light control, as well temperature and sound regulation is to add a blackout lining to your fabric of choice. We are able to add blackout linings to any of our curtain collections.

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(photo credit: @littlecrowninteriors)

Choosing the Right Fabric

Opt for Blackout Curtains: This is one of the most important considerations to take into mind. Blackout curtains are the ultimate game-changer for your nursery. Blackout curtains block out all external light sources completely, while also blocking out some unwanted noise and drafts - blackout curtains will ensure your baby can nap peacefully and comfortably during the day. Blackout curtains can also be helpful in establishing a beneficial sleep association with darkness, making it easier for your baby to recognize when it's time to sleep - this is especially important as most babies go to sleep before the sun sets. Research has also shown that babies who sleep in darkened rooms tend to sleep longer and more peacefully.
Pleasant Colors & Soft Fabrics for Comfort: Opt for drapery made from gentle and soft fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. It’s best to choose soothing, pastel colors for a calming effect within your nursery. Soft blues or pinks and gentle neutrals can help create a tranquil ambiance.  We recommend our Lush or Charm collection for brighter colors and our Sense and Soothe collection for a more neutral color palette, in addition to an added 100% blackout liner. If you prefer a more budget-friendly blackout option, we can color match your fabric using our Block collection for a 90% blackout or using our Solid collection to achieve 100% blackout.
Consider Layering and Aesthetics: Layering curtains can offer versatility in your design. For instance if you prefer the look of sheer drapery - you can pair sheer curtains with a blackout lining for versatile light control.
In conclusion, selecting the right drapery for your baby's nursery involves a thoughtful combination of style, functionality, and safety. Prioritizing blackout curtains made of soft fabrics in calming colors is crucial to creating a space that will nurture restful sleep and peaceful moments. With the proper consideration, your nursery will be a haven of comfort and joy for your little one. Congratulations and happy decorating!

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Wanted to say thankyou for your support in choosing the right curtains for our sliding doors. The free swatches sent were very helpful, as is your website and customer service. We are very happy with our curtains and the 90% block lining works great.
Bryan H.
We have a south facing window. It’s hot and bright in the summer. We wanted something a little heavier in fabric selection because we live on a busy street heading into town to cut down on traffic noise.The fabric is soft and offers insulation. They lay beautifully across our big window while closed. When tucked back they disappear while stacked neatly into the wall. It’s everything we were looking for. We paired it with a Kirsch Designer Estate Motorized rod. I was apprehensive and Justin answered all the questions I had making it easier to understand how the curtains would work on my rod and with fabrics. Delivered in less than 2 weeks! They were packed properly and ready to hang. I grew up with my mom in the flooring industry. I’ve always wanted a home that had designer features without having a Hollywood budget I didn’t think it was possible to get that look until I found Loft Curtains! Woohoo! In the day, night and before photos included.
Erica B.
The whole experience exceeded expectations. The final product is of excellent quality,the curtain weighs 31 lbs!.
Thomas E.
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