How to Get Curtains to Have Even Ripples and Hang Straight
(How to Train Curtains)

How to Get Curtains to Hang Straight (How to Train Curtains)
This blog post outlines a simple process for "curtain training" to achieve perfectly hung drapery panels. It’s a simple three step process:
  • Prepare the Curtains:
    • Lightly iron or steam the curtains to remove wrinkles and ensure they look pristine.
    • Steaming can also help the curtains settle and stretch as they hang.
  • Training the Curtains:
    • You can use clips to temporarily hold the pleats while working on them, as they will be easier to adjust.
    • Work systematically from side-to-side and top-to-bottom to evenly fold and pleat the curtains.
    • Ensure the pleats are consistent because they will determine how the curtains hang once they are trained.
  • Secure and Rest the Curtains:
    • After achieving the desired look, use ribbon or string to tie the pleats in place. Tie them 3-4 times from top to bottom.
    • You can spritz the curtains with linen spray, starch, or water.
    • Allow the curtains to rest in place while tied up for a few days.
  • Final Result:
    • Undo the ties after a few days, and you'll have perfectly trained and well-hanging drapery panels.
This process may take a bit of time and patience but results in beautifully styled curtains with minimal effort.

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