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Free Swatches - Flow

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Material Light blocking Weight Character
Linen blend Diffuse light Light Open weaved, soft, breezy
100% Belgian linen Diffuse light Light Linen weave, soft, beach
Polyester Diffuse light Light Tightly weaved, minimal, coastal
Linen blend 30%-35% Medium Linen weaved, textured, elegant, rustic
Cotton blend 40% Medium Cross weaved, modern, sleek
Nylon blend 30%-40% Medium Short pile knitted, soft, cozy 
Polyester 40% Medium Luminous silky finish, Parisian, eclectic


Cotton blend 40%-70% Heavy Ultra-soft velvet, traditional, rich color, elegant
Polyester 90% blackout Medium Smooth finish, sleek, versatile
Polyester 90% blackout Medium Basket weaved, 
Polyester 100% blackout Medium Tightly weaved, matte, minimal, functional
Linen blend 40% Heavy Floral embroidered, eclectic, Moroccan, tropical


Polyester 40% Medium Floral embroidered, elegant, traditional


For the lining options, 100% blackout lining only comes in the color white, we also offer a 90% blackout lining option for a similar color to your curtain fabric.

    We source our fabrics directly from the manufacturer. All our fabrics comply with OEKO-tex 100 standard. They do not contain any harmful substances and are in harmony with the environment.

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