Custom made curtains vs Ready made curtains

Curtains are usually the element that completes the look of a room. It tends to be one of the last few elements in a home renovation. However, picking the perfect curtains is as important as choosing the right flooring. Besides the functions of providing privacy, blocking light and keeping temperature, they will also make rooms appear larger and feel put together. 

A common question when choosing curtains is whether to buy ready made curtains or have custom made ones? That depends on your need and your budget. 

Ready-made curtains


  • they are generally cheaper than custom-made curtains
  • they are be delivered faster 


  • they only come in certain widths and lengths
  • they only come in limited choices of fabrics and heading styles
  • the fabrics won't last long since very few of them including linings


Custom-made curtains


  • they offer custom dimensions for irregular window treatments, e.g extra tall/wide
  • they are available in a variety of fabrics and colors
  • they can be made into your choice of heading styles
  • they can be made with or without linings
  • they are more durable, unique and tailored


  • their cost
  • the waiting is longer


This is where LoftCurtains stands out.

  • We are offering custom-made curtains at ready-made prices. Custom-made curtain prices are usually 5-10 times higher than ready-made curtains.
  • We solved the problem by cutting distributors, lowering our profit and directly selling to customers. Our curtains may not be as cheap as those ones you can find in a supermarket, but we make efforts to provide affordable pricing on high-quality fabrics and exceptional tailoring.
  • Our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks plus free 2-day shipping, very short for custom work, and it will be worth the wait since we can custom made curtains extra wide/tall.


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